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 Micronet SP1162A-1 Wall Socket serves as the work area endpoints for horizontal cable runs. Using the information outlets or telecommunications outlets helps you organize your cables. The modularity provided by information outlets saves you a significant amount of cable and accommodate all the possible computer locations within a client´s work area.
  • Compliant with Enhanced Category 5 standard, suitable for Gigabit application
  • The new version 110D terminal block can be used for 110 or Krone punch down tools
  • The 110D IDC color codes combine two wirings of T568A & T568B for easy installation
  • Utilize Advanced Printed Circuit Board technology to balance signal transmission of insertion loss and cross talk from 1 to 100 MHz
  • 45-degree jacks for putting less strain on patch cable
  • Error free performance

Model SP1162A-1
Model SP1162A-1
Category Cat.5e
No. of ports 1
No. of ports Phosphor Bronze with 50 micro-inch nickel plated 
Contact area: Min. 30 mm 50 micro-inch gold plated
Terminal Block 110 & Krone tool compatible 
Used for 22-26 AWG stranded and solid wire 
Phosphor Bronze with 50 micro-inch tin-lead plated over 50-60 micro-inch nickel plated
Jack Bracket Set ABS+PC, UL94V-0
Dimension, W x D x H 80 x 80 x 37 mm

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